Information for Hosts

Information for Dream Placement Host Companies

The companies who are kindly offering Dream Placements are of all different shapes and sizes with various degrees of experience when it comes to student placements. Although many organisations will have their own plans and processes in place for the placement, we have compiled a list of our expectations and suggested content that you may want to consider for your student’s placement.

It is important that the Dream Placement is different from other work experience placements and that the difference is, not surprisingly, based around leadership and management. The suggestions below reflect this difference.

If you would like to download a copy of this guide for reference please click here for word document and here for PDF version

Before the Placement

  • Complete the Host Company registration form
  • Give CfLP details of your marketing contact, your twitter account and your logo
  • Discuss with colleagues what the placement might include — start to plan it and think of the sort of student you would like
  • Let CfLP know who your preferred candidates are for interviewing — we will email you a list of the applicants in November
  • Attend the Selection Day in December so you can interview the candidates and hand-pick your student
  • Attend the Development Day in January to get to know your student
  • Discuss what they are hoping to get out of the placement
  • Give your student a point of contact within your company
  • Consider requirements for site access, passes, permits etc.

Give your student:

  • a copy / overview of your company’s organisation structure
  • your company brochure
  • access to the company web site
  • Complete CfLP’s safeguarding policy checklist
  • Ideally get your student in for a visit before the placement week so they are familiar with the building and the journey

During the Placement

  •  Carry out a safety induction or presentation as appropriate
  • Provide an induction pack
  • Spend time on an induction or tour
  • Ensure the student has chance to spend time in various different departments providing them with an overall understanding of how your business works and the various leadership and management opportunities within i
  • Allow the student to spend some time in the board room, shadowing a meeting, taking notes, providing observation feedback to the chair, etc.
  • Include spending time with the CEO or MD
  • Encourage them to identify and observe different styles of leadership. What did they like? What worked?
  • Find out which operational areas are of particular interest to the student and arrange for them to spend time with them and their heads/leaders; e.g. finance, HR, marketing, production etc.
  • Give the student opportunity to spend time with your organisation’s graduates, apprentices, talent management teams (if you have them)
  • Allow the student to shadow a fast track / high achiever
  • Arrange visits to other locations / client premises etc.
  • Encourage and assist your student in completing learning logs (we will provide them with workbooks that contain learning logs or you can, of course, use your own)
  • Give your student a mini-project to carry out during the week, perhaps something that will give you the chance to draw ideas from them that will benefit your company (this also gives you some breathing space while they are researching and working on the mini-project)
  • Give your student the opportunity to present their experiences, observations, learning logs, and/or recommendations to the senior team / MD
  • Assist your student in using their experiences to enhance their CV and interview techniques

After the Placement

  • Give your student an opportunity to connect with the graduate / student recruitment teams / leave CV / give opportunities to stay in touch
  • Encourage your student to attend our Dream Placement Showcase Event where we will be bringing together all the winning students and the host companies. This will include an opportunity for the student to produce a visual display about their placement. Some students will also have the chance to give an oral presentation to the group on how the placement week went