Dream Placement 2022 Student Projects

The Dream Placement 2022 students have an action-packed week planned during February half-term with their host companies. This year has seen a record number of organisations taking part, and a record number of students offered placements. Click here to read more.

Below you can read what the students will be working on during their week.

32 West have planned an exciting week for their two students. Both students will receive hands on experience of what it’s like to work for a PR agency, which prides itself on each day being different. The students will be travelling to their Head Office in Ulverston to meet and quiz the company directors, attending client meetings, practical training opportunities, whilst working on their individual projects. Ava will be working on a social media campaign around one of their clients’ product launch, while Grace will be exploring a campaign around inclusiveness at sports clubs.

Actemium have arranged a number of 1:1 sessions with the UK Director, Sector Managers and chief engineers for their Dream Placement student Jack. Alongside these 1:1 meetings and learning modules, Jack will work on his project to present back to the team on Friday.

Age UK West Cumbria are welcoming four students to their offices this week. Abbie, Ava, Caitlin and Millie all have their own interests, and their hosts have tailored their weeks with different activities and projects, ranging from working with the Day services team to running activities for dementia clients.

Allerdale Borough Council have planned a great week for their Dream Placement student Eliot. Eliot has a particular interest in sport, so they have arranged for him to look over the council’s Sport and Arts Policy as preparation to his activities. He will be shadowing and observing some of the staff and leaders in various leisure facilities, to help him with his writing project which he will work on independently this week. 

Barrow Borough Council are taking three students for the Dream Placement week. The students will all have their own project to work on based on their specific interests and skills. Abbi will be working with the HR department, exploring Reward and Recognition options for employees.
Laura will be working within the People and Communities team, who look after Council Housing, homelessness and the Customer Service team within the authority.
Ethan will be working with the Regeneration and Planning Policy team, attending meetings for major town projects.

The BEP team are welcoming Blaine and Lawrie to the organisation for their Dream Placement week. They have planned a varied week for them which includes site visits and tours, activities, and team meetings to help them gain real-life experience of leadership in the workplace. Their project has been designed in line with the students’ interests, and will help them to develop their own leadership skills when they present back on Friday. 

Carlisle City Council have planned an action-packed week for their students Rosie and Kirsty. They will be attending a series of focus groups and meetings with senior leaders within the council to work on their project which focuses on health and wellbeing initiatives for staff in the workplace. Both students will be tailoring their week by setting their own personal development and learning goals with their host.

Dream Placement student, Josh, will be working on three projects throughout his week with Carr’s Engineering. The research projects will cover engineering, finance and commercial elements of the organisation. The overarching theme is for Josh to learn more about the routes into different careers and pathways.

While on placement with Cumbria Chamber of Commerce, Alice will be interviewing a number of the board members. She will be asking about their career and why they wanted to be on the board which she will then form into short biographies to go on out ‘about us’ page on their website. Her remaining time will be spent with various members of the team to help her with the skills and needs she has identified.

Cumbria LEP and Cumbria Careers Hub are welcoming 2 Dream Placement students. Part of their week involves a research project into careers advice and guidance in schools. In advance of their placement week, the students have created a survey, which they’re inviting 16-20 year olds to take part in. Click here to go to the survey.

Jessica and Ella, Costain’s two Dream Placement students have a busy week ahead of them. They will be experiencing all aspects of the buisness, from social value to project management and health and safety. The students have also been encouraged to keep a diary of their daily activities, including a site visit of Sellafield.

Cumbria Tourism are welcoming Gabby this week for her Dream Placement. Over the week, Gabby will be working on a project on why working in the tourism and hospitality secors in Cumbria would make a great career. Gabby will be working with a particular focus on her local area, Barrow, and exploring existing perceptions and opinions of working in this industry.

Energus have tasked their Dream Placement student Charlotte with working on the project: “Energus: Who are they and what do they do?” Charlotte will get an insight into what Energus does as an organisation; with regards to Events and the People and Skills department, and how Energus works closely with the NDA and employers across the nuclear sector to develop the future workforce by facilitating apprenticeships and graduates.

The Family Business Network will be welcoming Amir to their head office in Staveley for his Dream Placement. Amir has been given a real-life project to work on, which will inform an integral element of the business strategy and growth plans over the next 2 years. He will also have the opportunity to learn and work on the North West Family Business Awards as well as visiting family businesses on site with the team in the local area.

In between exciting meetings with the senior leadership team at Gen2, Jessica will be working on her project: “Degree apprenticeships – how can we promote and engage people to apply?”
Throughout the week she will be using tools such as data analysis, social media, and school engagement to research degree level apprenticeships and future recruitment. Jessica will be presenting her ideas later in the week to the management team at Gen2.

While on placement at John Stevenson’s office, MP for Carlisle, Oriana will be getting hands-on experience of what it is like to work in local politics. Based at the constituency office, Oriana will be completing projects based around casework and policy, as well as some social media and marketing tasks. 

Over the course of the week at Lakes College, Luci will get hands on experience of leadership in the workplace by attending meetings with heads of departments, as well as receiving skills development sessions and her own project to work on. Luci will be planning an open event to promote the college’s T Level programmes. She also has a particular interest in fashion, so her hosts have arranged for her to speak with a Fashion Academic at UCLAN.

The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) are welcoming Clare and Dylan for their Dream Placement week. The project they will be given is centred around the ‘Environment’ function within the NDA. With this, the students will be asked to engage in research, writing up a report, basic data analysis, drawing conclusions based on data analysis and feedback all of this in a end-of-week presentation.

Charlotte, Nathan and Okan have a fantastic week ahead for their Dream Placement with NNL. In between working on their projects, they will have the opportunity to take part in a question and answer session with CEO Paul Howarth, and Trudy Harrison MP on Nuclear Policy and Politics. Paul Howarth will also be watching the students present their project findings back on the Friday.

For their first year taking part in Dream Placement, North Lakes Hotel & Spa are welcoming Sadie to their hotel and head office. Sadie has an exciting week of sitting in on Senior Leadership Team Meetings, meeting heads of departments and understanding how the business operates. Sadie will be working on a project which has been tailored to her interests in journalism. She will be collating information from staff members to create bios which the marketing team will share across social media over the next few months. 

During their week with Responsive, James and Joshua will be getting hands on experience of how the business operates. They have some exciting tours and trips out planned to ensure they make the most of this experience. The students will also have the opportunities to interview the staff and directors at Responsive to help them develop their own skills. 

Teddy, Libby and Monty all have an exciting week planned on their placement week with RWM. They will be working on projects that help to engage and inform other young people on the journey of radioactive waste, and even features some Lego building! 

Sellafield Ltd have planned a great week for their Dream Placement students, Kasey and David. The students will be learning about all aspects of Sellafield as an organisation, including its manifesto, safety, sustainability and behaviours. On Friday afternoon, the students will present their independent project findings back to the Chief Executive Officer and the Chief Operating Officer.

Soundwave have planned an action pack agenda for their Dream Placement student, Caysie. Caysie will be working on tasks for both Soundwave, and the Hollr project. Caysie’s placement is split over 2 weeks, to ensure she can experience some of the sessions Soundwave deliver in Cumbria including Workington Musiczone and Parton Youth Group. 

In between their independent project work at Story Contracting, Dream Placement students Matthew and Ryan will be busy on site visits, and meetings with senior leaders within the company. Managing Director Emma Porter and CEO Jason Butterworth are both meeting with the students during their placement week, enabling the students to experience real-life leadership within the company. 

The Cumberland Building Society is welcoming four Dream Placement students this week. Amy, Annabelle, Iona and Willow will be meeting with multiple departments and will receive sessions on Risk and Resilience, Marketing, People and Culture and Learning and Development. They will even get to sit in on Senior Leadership Team meetings throughout the week. These activities aim to equip the students with the necessary skills to present back their project work and understand leadership in the workplace. 

University of Cumbria are welcoming two students to Carlisle for their Dream Placement week. The students will meet with senior leaders in the university and the community, and have the opportunity to ask about their leadership and vision, to give them a greater understanding of the University of Cumbria and its stakeholders.  Throughout the week they will be working on a comprehensive project exploring how the University can widen its participation and engagement with more young people in Cumbria.

The two students at Westinghouse, Dania and Isaac, will be able to use the week to speak to as many different people from the business as possible, acquiring a wealth of understanding of different roles, what it entails and importantly, how to follow in the same footsteps. They will also learn fundamentals of commercial acumen and business understanding, and will be able to showcase their learning through a project presentation on Friday. The students will also have an opportunity
to tour the Springfields nuclear fuel manufacturing plant, which will give them an insight into nuclear fuel production.

Whitehaven Harbour Commissioners have set goals this year to try to engage and communicate with a younger audience. Their Dream Placement student, Daniel, will be working on a project exploring how the organisation can help to achieve their goal. As he has an interest in social media and video production, his project will be to create a short film which they can share across social media accounts to engage with this audience. 

Thank you to all of this year’s Dream Placement companies. Good luck!

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