CFL Focus groups with students, teachers and employers

We have been holding focus groups in collaboration with young people, educators and employers in order to shape the future of Cumbria Future Leaders. We continued this by asking our Dream Placement applicants to join the conversation at our development event on 14th November: Cumbria Future Leaders: Agents for Change.

As part of our Dream Placement Alumni (a growing group of young people who have applied for and participate in the Dream Placement scheme, including our 2020 applicants of course!) you are part of a group that represents a significant slice of young Cumbrian talent.

Dream Placement Ambassadors Cumbria Future Leaders

Dream Placement alumni supporting Cumbria Future Leaders: Agents for Change event

We feel that it is important to harness your input, potential and talent through Cumbria Future Leaders (CFL).

CFL will work collaboratively to broker opportunities and connections between young people, employers and their communities, co-ordinate existing activity and promote the great work that already exists within Cumbria.

Whether you are part of the Dream Placement journey, or interested in how CFL develops, do take a moment to sign up here for updates and opportunities.

We’re excited at the way Cumbria Future Leaders is developing. Join the conversation by staying in touch with us. If you have ideas to contribute already, then do email us here. Just put Cumbria Future Leaders in the heading for us.

Thank you!