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Dream Placement 2021 

Dream Placement is a unique Cumbrian initiative, project managed by the Centre for Leadership Performance (CfLP), that brings together bright, motivated young students aged 16-18 with some of the most forward-looking and successful businesses in the county. It is a leadership development programme that for some young people will result in a week's Dream Placement in industry.

Covid-19 has seen big changes in the way we live and the way we work.  Those changes are reflected in the way CfLP are delivering Dream Placement 2021 to ensure our students and our hosts are safe, and to ensure that every young person applying for the programme and taking part has a rewarding and worthwhile experience.  What has not changed is the need for businesses to engage effectively with young people in Cumbria.

The Dream Placement scheme has been co-created by CfLP with businesses across Cumbria who want to connect with their future workforce and showcase the breadth of opportunities within their organisations. The scheme gives all young people who apply development opportunities and a chance to come together with employers for safe meaningful dialogue and engagement at each stage of this 6 month programme.

It gives young people a vision of what they can aspire to in leadership roles across the county and helps them make informed choices about their future careers. For host companies the scheme provides fantastic opportunities to connect with their future workforce and bright young talent and showcase the breadth of opportunities on offer. Around 200 sixth formers applied for 50 Dream Placements in 2019. The more employers who engage with the scheme, the more young people we can place to gain experience of industry and leadership.


Applications have now closed for 2021! Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.